About Us

Zachary Philip Winfield

For Zachary DayZaway was born honouring the little life of Zachary Philip Winfield. Zachary was a little boy, born with an incompatible with life lung condition named, Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia. He was the first born and first son to his parents Lauren & Darryl who said goodbye to their little boy at 69 days of age. Zachary was such a poorly little boy, but had a smile that enamoured every single person that he encountered. Zachary's family affectionately call him 'Z' therefore Day'Z'away was born. 

Our Mission

DayZaway's main mission is to help as many families suffering the devastating effects of losing a child or children. We aim to do this by funding the accommodation for a weekend break away in the UK within the first year of bereavement. We know the devastation that losing a child brings, and by creating an opportunity for some family time away, we hope to help some families along the road of grief and healing.


Dayzaway is a small, newfounded charity which rely wholly on the genourosity of you wonderful people. Without you, we wouldn't have the opportunity to meet newly bereaved families who are navigating through the awful world of child loss, to provide them with a little light at such a dark time. Every penny helps, please consider donating to our cause, or signing up to be a fundraiser.